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    Two years after the release of the mesmerizing EP ‘mono3some,’ Polish artist GRABEK returns with his first LP entitled ‘8.’ The album will be released on 26 April 2011 by Polskie Radio Agencja Fonograficzna SA and will be distributed worldwide by Warner Music Poland.

    GRABEK is a solo project of Wojtek Grabek, a multi-instrumentalist who skilfully combines sharp, almost industrial-like beats and sophisticated synthesis with the sound of looped violin and vocal.

    The project was born in late 2008. Immediately afterwards the ‘mono3some’ EP was released. The self-released mini album paved the way for the artist to performances in Poland and abroad, including such well established stages as Heineken Open'er Festival 2009, Free Form Festival, or Transvizualia, to name but a few. The EP created a stir among music journalists and a growing number of fans alike.

    At the end of 2009 GRABEK was invited by Piotr Stelmach of Radio Channel 3 (Trójka) to Offensywa programme, during which he performed live at the legendary Agnieszka Osiecka Studio. One of the songs recorded during that session was included on the compilation album ‘Offsesje 2,’ the second album in the history of Polish music featuring radio sessions.
    Music journalists often compare GRABEK to Radiohead, Thom Yorke, Amon Tobin and Aphex Twin. The artist himself admits to his fascination with Icelandic alternative scene and the works of... Henryk Mikołaj Górecki.

    Wojtek Grabek hails from an artistic family. Encouraged by his mother, a violinist, at the age of six he began playing the violin. After eight years, he left the school of music to devote himself to the languages and culture of Scandinavia. However, he never lost touch with music, he secretly composed in the comfort of his home studio, and finally decided to show his work to others.

    Although he has an uncompromising approach to his music, he invited a group of musical friends to contribute to his debut album ‘8.’ On the album you can hear Daga Gregorowicz, Tomek ‘Ragaboy’ Osiecki, Agata Klonecka and Barbara Karlik. Lyrics to one of the songs were written by his wife - Carolyn Trotman. The album was produced in cooperation with Bartłomiej Frank.

    Among the sponsors – friends are: Hörmann Sp. z o.o., Elektro-Klim, Press-Service Monitoring Mediów Sp. z o.o., Black Hog Studio Reklamy, Morski Studio Graficzne.

    Media patrons include: Polskie Radio Trójka, MySpace Polska, Życie Warszawy, Głos Wielkopolski, Gazeta Współczesna, muzyka.pl and uwolnijmuzyke.pl.
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released April 26, 2011

Written and performed by: GRABEK
Produced by: Bartłomiej Frank, Wojtek Grabek
Special guests: Daga Gregorowicz, Tomasz Ragaboy Osiecki, Agata Klonecka, Barbara Karlik, Carolyn Trotman



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Track Name: matters not
gray strokes
white lines
old field patches
pin them down
wire them up
with fire
Track Name: wake up
Fader vor, du som er i himlene!
Helliget blive dit navn,
komme dit rige,
ske din vilje
som i himlen således også på jorden;
giv os vort daglige brød,
og forlad os vor skyld,
som også vi forlader vore skyldnere,
og led os ikke ind i fristelse,
men fri os fra det onde.
For dit er Riget og magten og æren i evighed!
Track Name: difference except
passing the facade you see yourself in it
rendering this picture you drown in it
forgetting your name you reach for it
and slowly you become one

wandering the empty streets of Pleasureville
seeing only faces you’ve forgotten still
taking your last bullet you reach for it
and slowly you become one

laughing in the face of only destiny
you march into this void that will not ever be
the last chance for you to redeem yourself before
you finally become one
Track Name: pure act
I watch you on the corner
how you look sensually
gesture oh so lustfully
my second thoughts about you
suddenly become impure
suddenly become vulgar
suddenly become so whore
and you look right back at me
with empty en-vi-ous eyes
and you walk away

I follow you until we
reach your apartment doorway
then I press your intercom
inside your voice „Hello dear”
and you buzz me in and I
come in your life and in you
hard and you look teriffied
but I keep watching you till
you close your eyes and
I just walk away
Track Name: a soul around (year 8)
Being dead hurts. His first lucid thought after having died is just this. “Being dead hurts.” He says it out loud, relishing the fresh sharp timbre of his death tone. The simplicity of having spoken; this act of unadulterated speech overwhelms him to tears. In death he is delighted to own a voice which follows the commands of his thoughts, producing audibly ordered phonemes; very unlike the chaotic babble which persecuted him throughout his early years after birth. In life he had been plagued by never actually having owned a claim to his own birth. There were others who had publicized convincing airs of remembering more or remembering better. There were even those who insisted that he couldn’t have remembered anything, not the slightest iota. One way or another his memories had been dismissed. But lookeehere: not a soul around.
Track Name: in time
deep down inside your troubled mind
deep in a cage that’s locked inside
no memories that pull you through
just chains around you, around you

keep trying to forget your past
you try to leave it all behind
born out of scattered images
you dive ahead, you drown ahead

so come and breathe this lousy air
forget there was a different me,
drown all your peace of mind in tears
for good, for good